A Strat with a Telecaster edge

A complete Stratocaster pickguard with pickups and an additional selector to switch the neck and middle pickups. Thus setting the 5-way selector to the bridge

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Ben Rolf (Senior Researcher)

Have this setup on a strat with a push-pull switch on the tone (setup with 1 vol and 1 tone). With the 'out' position, bridge pickup engaged with whatever is selected on the 5-way - some positions are redundant. Another setup I'm trying is a tele-style 3-way selector wired like a Gibson, Bridge-bridge neck-neck, and the separate switch to engage he middle pickup - its a 3 position with up is middle pickup only (bypasses the 3-way), center is middle pickup off, and down is middle pickup added to whatever the 3-way has selected. I put the switch in the space where the lower tone control had been, being lazy and wanting only 1 tone control. The 3-way is easier to switch quickly (for me). Next step is an H-S-H pickup with coil-tap as push-push switches on the volume and tone controls. A pre-wired pickgaurd with this sort of switching would be awesome

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Trey Haislip (Principal Scientist)

Cool idea! There are several wiring ways to do so but this is a good idea from a pre-made standpoint.

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