OD Clean boost, switchable buffer pedal order

I see a lot of pedalboards with at least: 1) a buffer (either in or out) 2) a clean boost (can be same pedal as buffer) 3) a light (dare I say TS-style...) OD What I've been longing for is to have these on a single pedal: switchable true-bypass or buffered, choice of order, and a loop that would allow, for example, having the OD first, then rest of pedalboard, then finally the clean boost. Essentially, an 805 pickup booster with more switching options! This would give the following example possibilities: 1) Input buffer, OD, pedalboard, clean boost, output buffer (very standard setup) 2) OD, fuzz, pedalboard, clean boost, output buffer (when the fuzz or wah doesn't like a buffered input) 3) input buffer, clean boost, OD, heavy distortion (for stacking drives!)

category: Pickups

Status: open


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