P-Rail with trimmed output in humbucker mode

A P-Rail that's actually usable as a humbucker! Designed like a PRS 408 pickup: The P-Rail's P90 coil, when played by itself or in parallel with the rail coil, would deliver full output. But when in series, the P90 coil would be tapped, to reduce its output to match the rail coil's. Two benefits: (1) Series mode would finally brighten up enough to be usable. (2) Humbucker mode would finally be truly hum-cancelling. (Currently, the unbalanced coils are not.) P-Rails are wonderfully optimized for their P90 and rail coils – but were never optimized for series mode. Now let's adapt PRS' innovation, to make them fully functional in the humbucker format in which they're packaged.

category: Pickups

Status: open


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Keith Shannon (Principal Researcher)

Sounds great. The wiring diagram sounds like a beast, though; just having coil selection and series/parallel is complex enough without also having to switch which hot lead you're using on the P-90.

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