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Larry Dimarzio has an exclusive agreement with Ibanez. Most of the Ibanez guitars have direct mounted Humbucking pickups, and are routed to fit only Dimarzio pickups. The mounting ears are a "V" shape. I Love Ibanez Guitars, But i hate Dimarzio Humbuckers. THEY SOUND LIKE SHIT. THEY HAVE NO HIGH END AT ALL!!! It would be a great idea to put aftermarket Duncan Pickups in an Ibanez Guitar. BUT THEY WONT FIT......... Duncan mounting ears are square..... Perhaps Seymour Duncan Can Produce pickups that will fit into Ibanez guitars. A special order through the company website would solve that problem. Perhaps Seymour Duncan can machine the mounting ears on special order humbuckers to fit the Ibanez shape. I would pay extra for that. And I'm sure many other people would Too... It would solve the unholy alliance Ibanez has with Dimarzio. It would actually improve Ibanez sales. Please let me know if this is possible. Thank You, Warren

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Dave Eichenberger (Scientist)

You can actually order pickups with a modified baseplate through SD! Contact them on the website for details.

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