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Sta--Bro 90 set for Strat

A 3 pickup set of Stabro 90's for strat (alder body + maple fingerboard). Offer it in three versions (late 1950's - to sound like a Les Paul Junior), a hotter version - (like the P90 pickups you did for PRS and Hamer) and a ceramic version to compete with Burn's trisonic's. Ideally the sets would be noiseless. Perhaps set up a single page where the customer could order a fully assembled pickguard with the pickups they want. It could have a sound type (1950's, hot, ceramic or whatever versions you want to offer) options section, switching options section [perhaps have 3 types - V,T,5 way, V,T,B (N+B bleed pot),5 way, and a Brian May red special option) and a pickguard color section. My application would be to install a hot set or ceramic set depending on the sound, in to a roasted swamp ash body (tele hybrid style) with a roasted maple neck with V,T,B, 5 way switching.

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Status: open


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