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Neck Pickup match for the 59 Custom Hybrid

Love the Hybrid but there is really not a good match for it in neck pickups. Right now have 2 in guitars and am using the Sentient in both but still does not have the harmonic complexity of the unbalanced coils that the hybrid does. A few on your forum have done 59 Jazz bridge coil hybrids with a lot of success. Many on your forum have asked for this pickup including myself even pushing a new forum only build for this pickup but so far you have not heard us. Please consider this as a potential new build then as offering it with the hybrid as a full set. Sincerely Richard Rutledge long time member Duncan Forum.

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Chadd Sullivan (Research Associate)

Jazz, Sentient and Full Shred neck pickups all work well for me with the hybrid. It would be interesting to see what a hybrid of those necks would sound like.

posted 108 day(s) 17 hour(s) ago..

Le Blille (Research Associate)

I love the SD Bridge Hybrid in several of my guitars and would love to be able to get he same level of tone complexity and flexibility in the neck!

posted 108 day(s) 21 hour(s) ago..

C S (Research Associate)

A hybrid neck pickup is way overdue! Now is a great time to follow-up on the success of the '59/Custom and spur further sales by creating a proper "set"!

posted 109 day(s) ago..

Mike Petrich (Research Associate)

I'm in. Think it would be a great addition to the line. Jazz is too weak for me, 59 is great, but could use a bit more oomph and clarity without the bass overload.

posted 110 day(s) ago..

Dave Eichenberger (Scientist)

Great idea! I hope this idea moves forward, too!

posted 110 day(s) ago..

Stan Draughon (Research Associate)

Completely agree. I've settled on the 59/C in the bridge in half a dozen of my touring guitars. I've tried all the usual suspects and they're good but not great. None match the liveliness of the mismatched coil 59/C. Make it happen please

posted 111 day(s) 15 hour(s) ago..