Jayson Potter


Exposed coils mini humbucker

Why are we are we limited to metal covered mini buckers? I apologize for my lack of understanding of the nature of this type of aperture, so please educate good people! I just think since we have full and single spaced exposed coils, why not add the look to minis? SD's current stamped logo version is very cool, but you could offer the open look and a few tonal and output options for a contemporary balance.

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Status: open


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Riley Giffin (Research Associate)

Hi Jayson, thanks for your comments! This is a cool idea, unfortunately the way our mini-humbuckers are built (the same way as the original Gibson mini-humbuckers) means the cover is holding the pickup together -- if you were to remove the cover the pickup assembly would fall apart. In the meantime, if you're looking for more interesting cosmetic options you could always reach out to our Custom Shop, they might be able to custom fabricate something to your liking!

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