Split output pickup

Humbucker that has toggles to allow you the option to send selected strings to a separate output. That way you could play a guitar and send 2-3 lowest strings to separate output, then run through octave down pedal, and then send to a separate bass amp -- bass and guitar in one axe... When you want it.

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Mark Maniscalco (Research Associate)

Great idea. Chet Atkins developed the same thing in the 50s. Gretsch recently discontinued a limited edition 6120 with assigned polepieces that was a replica of the one Chet designed years ago.

posted 1865 day(s) 18 hour(s) ago..

Andrew Monzon (Research Associate)

Ooh! Reverb on e-B-G and a tight solid crunch on D-A-E! Or the simple act of playing any chord while running through two separate amps! Varying delays!

posted 1865 day(s) 19 hour(s) ago..