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Seymour Duncan offers great pickups, but a few hybrids offer a greater experience than just the sum of its parts. For example: JB/FullShred, 59B/JazzN, 59B/JazzB (totally different from the other!), SH6N/SH12, Pearly Gates/Seth Lover. Just to name a few. There's no re-tooling required, no R

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Jed Taylor (Principal Researcher)

Mr Seymore, making pickups that will effectively overdrive the pre amp such as hot battery assisted pickups left a whole wide arena for the coloring of tone for specific type amps. Making a pickup do what is very difficult to do with the endless array of pedals, in such a way as to give the guitar player a viable solutions to why choices can get you where you want to go verse the every popular try and try some more. It doesnt have to be with all the whole market, just the set up of a set of amps, pickups, pedals to achieve a given type tone, a given sustain, a given overdrive tone. and so on. Build a set of component matched products to achieve Thrash tone, Blues tone, modern country , modern jazz, all derived from the seymore duncan archive. Post it as an add on to the information videos, to the new purchase paperwork, to the endorsement videos and so forth. To not flood the market, but to enhance the outcome. It will aid the public Intelligence response to know what you

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Mohammad Harhash (Senior Researcher)

1 for 59/Jazz neck and bridge!

posted 1670 day(s) 8 hour(s) ago..

A. Nonymouse (Principal Researcher)

I'd just like to see the fabled '59/Jazz (neck) hybrid offered as a production model. Forumistas who've hacked one say it's the ideal neck complement to the '59/Custom hybrid bridge pickup. I have a '59/Custom hybrid, and love it – it is (along with P-Rails) the only SD humbucker that's worked well on my PRS guitars.

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David Gonsalves (Research Associate)

Like this idea ! JB/Full Shread, would be a welcome try for my leads (I'm hearing added harmonic's) !

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