Insta-Tele Pickup Set

I'd love to have a set of humbuckers that were designed from the ground-up to sound like nice, thick Telecaster pickups when coil split (think Jerry Donahue set)... and when in full humbucking mode, became a nice, balanced mid-output (around 10k) pushed PAF sound. The tele tone would have to be believable for these to have a point. It would have to be the focus of the pickup. This might need to be achieved with unbalanced coils and maybe some clever engineering like a brass baseplate under 1/2 of the bridge pickup, but I think it would be pretty awesome.

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Jed Taylor (Principal Researcher)

I am not a research anything, I m, like many, looking at the ideologies of modern guitar derivitives, to systemize the delivery of tone and end result is the most meraculous achievement towards giving musicians an offering in the likes of building a tone that is absolute achievement from origin of plan till delivery of ear satisfaction.

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Jed Taylor (Principal Researcher)

at this point in time, I just finished reading the origin of Brent Masons telecaster and its frankenstien construct. To love a tele, is the heart and soul of many country twangersters, and blue grass, blues and now as I have come under the knowledge of John5 and his use. I find that the tele actually is as good a start as any of the per ordained monsters of mayhem. Strat abarations of the 80s, the likes of les pauls and the whole of Ibanez and LTDs, STPs all have thier market share of altered, enhanced or otherwise necks, bodies and the many other tail pieces, or nuts, bridge components all removed from older bodies to be used as enhanced articulates of the modern styles and component improved guitars, cost effectiveness being cause and effect I m sure, But, its a good thing to be set up for updates and improvement.

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Ray Barbee (Principal Researcher)

I'd be more supportive if it did the Tele thing in parallel, so it was noise cancelling in both modes. I always run buckers parallel rather than split because IMO 60 cycle hum is an antiquated anachronism from the mid 20th century, I don't see a need for it now.

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A. Nonymouse (Principal Researcher)

PRS has achieved something similar with its Starla Treble bridge humbucker. (Using unbalanced coils, I believe.) So this is doable.

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Karl Lasher (Research Associate)

I'd vote for this one!

posted 1559 day(s) ago..

Scott Olson (Research Associate)

Great idea!

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