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Seymour Duncan Custom Shop "Kill Em' Bucker"

Based off the original Seymour Duncan Custom Shop ordered pickups in a particular white 'Flying V' that could "Kill 'Em All". The "Kill 'Em Bucker" set is designed to capture the specs of the originals that were ordered over 30 years ago by a legendary rhythm guitarist. Get the tones you need today to "Seek & Destroy". Over 17k in the bridge pickup and neck at 7.7k with Alnico V Magnets. Available aged and non-aged in black polepieces. Other options available through the Seymour Duncan Custom Shop.

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Charles Fulkerson (Principal Researcher)


posted 817 day(s) 11 hour(s) ago..

Austin Bryan (Senior Researcher)

*Bobbins not pole-pieces*

posted 828 day(s) 23 hour(s) ago..