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Splittable humbuckers that are similar in sound to single coils

I love the sound and function of the humbuckers on my oh-so-easy to play PRS, and therefore do NOT want to have to drag a single coil guitar, like my strat, to every gig, I WANT to keep playing my PRS when it's time to break out the single coil twang or clean sound.... I can split the humbuckers on my PRS (which are loaded with SD Pearly gates btw) but in the years I have played splittable humbuckers I have YET to see one that sounds as strong, authoritative and authentic as a normal single coil pickup.... I wish Seymour Duncan could come up with such a design, I do not know technically what would be involved so perhaps it's not possible??? But I know that it would be SUCCESSFUL if he could :)

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jonathan reid (Principal Researcher)

OK, I appreciate the reply re the impedance, and pardon my lack of electronic knowledge, but could not a resistor or two be wired into place somewhere in the humbucker-playing mode where the resistance goes down to a normal HB level (when selected) ?

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Keith Shannon (Principal Researcher)

Impedance is the biggest problem; the coil winding of a single-coil like the SSL-1 is about 6.5k ohms. The '59 neck pickup is only slightly hotter with two coils, at 7.6k. Split a 59 and each coil is only 3.8k, which is a significant drop in output and a big change in voice character. Put two Strat pickups together (like the Stag Mag) and total pickup impedance is 13k ohms, which is well into metal territory. Thus the compromise; do you want a good humbucking tone or a good SC tone?

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