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The ideal guitar pickup

Seems to me as the pickup being the starting point of the electric chain the ideal would be broadest possible frequency range. The ideal pickups broad frequency range would also have a flat BMT curve. It would also be as noiseless as possible. After this starting point tone shaping could be done downstream in the signal path. You can modify or take away but you cannot add what is not there. Build the Ultimate Transducer pickup. Create a general tone shaping guide to demonstrate any tone can be achieved with this pickup via the variety of options starting with the guitars tone controls and moving on down the line...

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Martin Randle (Principal Researcher)

I see the logic in this but in reality it is the flaws in guitar amplification from body construction through pickup to amp and boxy midrange speaker that determines the tone of an 'electric' guitar. If you were to correct and perfect all those flaws along the signal path you would get a perfect acoustic guitar tone.

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