Gus G Fire Blackouts are among your best PAF's!!!

Hi! My name is Fredrik. I got a Guitar with the Gus G system installed recently and they sounded great. However, as i was searching for the best sounding vintage low output PAF's for my Les Paul, I just hapened to measure the resistance on the passive blackouts - around 7.3 neck and 8.3 bridge. Man, that is some discrete uotput and they are soo articulate i thought. Wonder what they would sound like with a good ol' 500k 50's wiring? I put all the active booster stuff in a drawer and took them foor a spin in the LP - THEY ARE THE BEST vintage sounding pups i have ever had the pleasure of using!!!!!! This message is just meant to open your eyes to the fact that these pups are pure 50s style gold but noone knows! They are sooo much more than a metal/rock set. Plug them in and compare to your other PAF models and you may find like me that they kick the vintage butt and perhaps are your best sounding vintage pup!!! Slab some aged covers on them (I Have) and get em out there, I'll by 2 sets right away :) Best wishes Fredrik

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