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figure 8 pickup

on a single coil pickup it is wound around 1 pickup ,with the figure 8 design it could be wound in a figure 8 using 2 pickups wrapping the copper around both pickups but attached to both at the same time.i dont know if this could work either way i would like to communicate on why it couldn't work or why it could work.

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izayah dawson (Research Associate)

have two single coils then wrap the two together and make a figure 8 using the copper

posted 701 day(s) 6 hour(s) ago..

izayah dawson (Research Associate)

i would like to hear it play since it has never been done before ,maybe it could give it a cool sound but who knows.(the creater of this idea)

posted 701 day(s) 6 hour(s) ago..

Peter Drescher (Principal Researcher)

I don't think you'll get the clarity as opposed to separate pickups

posted 702 day(s) 10 hour(s) ago..