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I read online that Junior Brown uses a Duncan Flat Strat pickup in the bridge of his guitar on his guit-steel. I'm still checking out that info. I want to try that combination. Do you or can you design that model Stratocaster pickup to fit a regular Telecaster bridge? I'm certainly aware that the 1/4 pounder, Lil 59 and Hot Rails are made for both the Tele and Strat. I just wondered if you make a regular Start pickup to fit a Tele. I've also tried a mini-humbucker in the bridge of a Tele. The sound was fine but the string spread was too wide for the Gibson's pole pieces. Do you or can make a m-h with a wide enough spread so the strings and pole pieces are to aligned properly on a Tele at the bridge position? It is very annoying when one or both E strings don't line up with the pole pieces. I obviously entered the idea title without excessive thought being spent. Thanks. I've enjoyed Duncan pickups for many years. Mike

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