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Issue with programmable pedals

I own a Dark Sun pedal and a Silver Lake pedal and I see the same problem with both of them. You call up a patch from memory ... say it's a patch with a really wet reverb/delay setting and you start playing and the stage is bouncing from the kick drum and musicians jumping around etc. and the patch suddenly stops being wet and is suddenly very dry. You look at the patch number and it now has a "dot" showing that the patch has been edited and not saved. The vibration caused one of the knobs to register as having been moved slightly and the patch suddenly takes on that new parameter. The parameter that changes could be any knob that happens to be sitting in a different location than the value that is saved in the patch. My example uses wet/dry mix since that is one that I experience a lot. You really need to have an option to lock the pedal so the presets won't change due to vibration or scratchy pots so once you have the patches stored the way you want them they will stay that way during a performance. And of course you need a way to unlock it again so you can edit later on.

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