Rechargeable batteries for stompboxes

Have you ever toyed with the idea of putting rechargeable batteries in your pedals? The pedal could charge when in use on a power supply. If the user needs to take one or two pedals off their board for a jam or gig they would be fully charged.

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Michal Novotny (Research Associate)

Would that need a change to the stompboxes or just insert the special batteries into my old stompboxes? I would prefer the latter of course :)

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Jed Taylor (Principal Researcher)

I agree with the idea of getting the pedals to hold a time to the benefit of the concert or the dance hall, the musical endeavor, what ever it may be. But, more to the point is to construct a pedal board that can plug and play any type of pedal either in real time or as a battery source for the guitarists use. A larger battery life holding system of a pedal board and its large battery storage that would allow for the full use of the board as a plug in for the power supply of the pedals up to and including 8 to ten pedals to last 2 or more hours. with a full drain, full charge, charging time of less than 10 hours with capability of additional battery plates, thin and stackable on the bottom of the original charged power supply board. Its a good application to be able to supply the use of a complete board of pedals for the guitarists to use in the quick accessability format. The many types of isolation boxes that the modern day musical group use is the albeit solution of big aren

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Keith Shannon (Principal Researcher)

I would support this, except I know that people often have unrealistic expectations of battery technology, and I think this is one of those times. To make a competitive product, you'd need a battery that produces a true 9 volts (NiCd and NiMH chemistries only produce about 7.2v in a 9v size), that can outperform an alkaline 9v on battery life, and that over its lifetime will match or beat the cost of the alkalines you'd otherwise use. Then, the pedals would have to be able to charge that battery, and if the pedal can still take an ordinary alkaline 9v (which is *highly* recommended) the pedal has to be able to tell the difference so it doesn't try to charge an alkaline 9V (very bad thing). This probably boils down to working with a battery manufacturer to define a new standard just for your guitar pedals, eating all that R

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Larry LJ Pitre (Senior Researcher)

But only if the batteries last long and don't stop supplying juice in the middle of a song.

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Paul Parson (Research Associate)

Same here Trey!

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Trey Haislip (Principal Scientist)

Really like this idea!

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Cam Kinsey (Senior Researcher)

yes...or seeing as pedaltrain have stopped making the volto, there is a need for a new, more powerful more reliable version.

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