Unusual Addition to Overdrive/Distortion pedals

Hi, first of all, having this possibility of submitting ideas to masters of the Tone like yourself it's awesome! So thanks. My idea came while utilizing delay pedals, since the delay will always repeat what's in the signal before them it will of course repeat the distortion if it's on. But sometimes while playing clean I would like a distortion repeat on 1 or 2 notes so I though it would be great to include in some wacky overdrive/dist pedal a second foot-switch that activates the pedal only when your foot is stomping it, this could be a useful tool to mess around, and I also think it's a very creative one, that requires good taste. On the other side I understand how this might be useless to some people and I'm not sure what's the cost-benefit relation of it, I'm just throwing the idea out. Of course that this second foot-switch should be silent, it does not even have to click/lock so it guarantees a good performance. Alright, that was my idea, I hope you like it, and if not I hope I still get a very honest response, you can send me to hell if needed. Have a good day, you people!

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Status: open


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