Wayne Reed


Surf's Up

Pedal w/verb/trem/vibr/delay/boost 5 stomp buttons eaw/effect/mod knobs/Vol/tone master knobs, angled front to rear, easier to stomp off/on. Would work for Surf/Jazz/Country/Latin/etc. Processors do this & more but 1 pedal with these effects could be a winner. Why are inputs on the sides instead of back so you can place them closer together with no wires in between and easier to access! Why are they parallel to the floor instead of angled? Front 1" high, back, 2" or so. And why are inputs on the SIDES! If in rear, you can place them closer together. I use 2 pbs. LatinRock/Blues/Jazz/oldSurf. Short gigs 8 pedals, long gigs 17 pedals. I’d LOVE 1 pedal/processor, simple to use, each isolated. No cables/wires/power supplies!

category: Pedals

Status: open


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