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I am just setting up myself to be able to post high quality video / sound recordings on to Youtube because there seems to be a huge gap in just straigh fwd examples of the guitar and bass pickups or gear that i want to hear before i buy. Most of what I find are over produced sales videos or ones that focuses too much on the person presenting (waffling biased BS depending on who is giving them free samples to keep) but they really give us nothing. Can you please update these especially your active bass pickups and EQ systems (preferably not focused on slappy slap BS). I done understand why none of the manufactures have all this sorted before releasing a product, maybe they just want you to buy it and find out first hand whether we have wasted our money or not. I know tones are a very subjective thing but i would think a basic comparison to what came stock in the chosen target group guitar or bass is a good place to start?

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