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Wireless Seymour Duncan SA-1

Create an small electronic attachment for the SA-1 (sound hole magnetic pickup) to make it A) wireless to connect to either a preamp clipped on your belt or B) wireless to connect to an wireless receiver you can plug into your 1/4" amp input jack.

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Brewer Shettles (Senior Researcher)

Seymour Duncan ought to create a dedicated connector - between the SA1 pickup and an endpin jack - to allow changing impedance to low from high . Taking this idea further, work with Roland to gut the Boss SD1 pedal, putting the circuit board inside the guitar with tone / distortion / treble pots installed on the side your guitar.

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Brewer Shettles (Senior Researcher)

Seymour Duncan SA-1 = High Impedance pickup (passive / magnetic). Plug it into a guitar pedal (Boss SD1) to change output to Low Impedance. Now you can play your acoustic guitar in a portable radio guitar amp (great for street busking / travel light) with natural Hendrix distortion!!! Links (Inc how to build radio guitar amp)!!!!&p=4004357#post4004357

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Brewer Shettles (Senior Researcher)

Seymour - It's already here - just need to switch out the mic for the SA-1 magnetic pickup - or have both..... 10.00 / Free Shipping / Ebay (China) Bolun WR 601 - Wireless Belt Clip Mini Microphone FM Transmit Receiver Uses (AA Battery) - belt clip transceiver sends mic / pickup signal wirelessly (20M) to receiver unit that plugs into amp with 1/4" mono jack!!!

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