The Ultimate Acoustic Gig Box

From the forum (from Evan, specifically): He would like to see a box that combines the best features of the Mama Bear, Solstice, and Equinox into a single unit. For Mama Bear, it's the digital emulation. This DI box wouldn't need 16 input sources and 16 target instruments, but maybe three of each. For Solstice, it's the mic pres, channel splitting, phase reverse, the FX loops, graphic EQ and as many 1/4 and XLR ins and outs as the box could fit. For Equinox, it's the dual notch filters. Plus the tuner/mute. And I'd love the whole thing to work both on the floor or on a mic stand with an adaptor.

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Scott Olson (Research Associate)

the signal path would have to take in account the type of piezo/ pick-up / mic input from the guitar. So that the emulation can be adapted depending on the source

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Scott Olson (Research Associate)

Crap. There was a comment about filtering for the type of pickup the box is seeing--which is what Mama Bear does. And I accidentally deleted it when I saw ""Delete Comment"" and I that that was options for ""Delete"" and ""Comment."" I thought was going to respond to the comment but ended up deleting it. To whomever left it, sorry.

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