I would like to see a carbon fibre guitar that is so light

Hi I would like to see a Seymour Duncan Carbon Fibre 6 string electric guitar similar to xox audio tools The Handle. Many of us have various injuries and just cannot jump around the stage with a 6-7lb SG or Les Paul guitar anymore. We need a light guitar something that can play nice clean tones and dirty if you like and weighs in at about 1.5lb. I have a serious neck and shoulder injury and it is killing me trying to even sit down and play a 7lb guitar. I have a PRS short scale SE 245 which is about the only guitar I can reach and use my fingers and left hand on anymore. There are many like me. Mick H - NSW Australia

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James Southard (Mad Scientist)

I actually saw one recently, it was acoustic though but with technology today a bass or electric guitar made of carbon fiber would be a really cool idea.

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