map component requirements.

Relenquish the hit and miss efforts of the component assisted requirements to build tone to the tone specific pedal and amp, and pickup....frequency specific outcome. Its been a 50 plus year effort to get the market to the point of using specific quality or in light of easier discernment. High gain amp have specific pedals and pickups for that sustain, and tone harmonically rich ods type end result. Correlate the tone of a dumble amp as the end result of using l of each group in combination to end up with tone l.... My point is specific to examples on you tube of what the average player puts together to get the away with close proximity and set up component matched setups to render absolute. You would be amazed at the number of musicians that would do exactly one component out of each group to get end result absolutes. Knowing that a fender from group a and a pedal from group b and an set of pickups from group c and the group d and group e.....add up to and without fail end result perfection. Seymore it s not too much different from making pickups and pedals to resolve to high gain sustain, and overdrive, or warm and rich harmonic distort

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