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Effects loop for an effects loop

Currently, the setup for my effects loop consists of: amp's send to volume (in), volume (out) to chorus (in), chorus (out) to delay (in), delay (out) to amp's return. I would like to see a nested effects loop with footswitches that can allow me to turn off my modulation effects while still leaving the volume pedal on.

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John Franco (Senior Scientist)

Thank you D. Eichenberger for the info/feedback...I'll go online to see what's out there.

posted 127 day(s) 4 hour(s) ago..

Dave Eichenberger (Scientist)

I believe you can do that with a loop switcher pedal.

posted 130 day(s) 17 hour(s) ago..

John Franco (Senior Scientist)

Still can't attach file In short, the "pedal" will have three sets of effects loop. One loop will be dedicated to volume pedal. The second loop will be dedicated to modulation pedals. The third loop will be connected to the amp's return/send. The first and second loop will have footswitches that can allow the guitarist to turn on/off loop one or two. In my case, I would like to turn off the loop that contains the modulation effects while keeping the loop on that contains the volume pedal

posted 131 day(s) 3 hour(s) ago..

John Franco (Senior Scientist)

OK, sorry all...I grabbed the wrong file. Is there a way for me to attach the right jpg file

posted 131 day(s) 3 hour(s) ago..