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SD Powerstage 700 - Design Suggestion

Here are two suggestions to improve the Powerstage 700. 1. put the input jacks on the back 2. put the power switch on the front Basically, the usability of the product whether racked or not would greatly benefit if the input jacks were on the back and the power switch was on the front. Input jacks: On stage, the unit looks a bit messy because you have to route cables from the back of your amp/modeler around to the front of your rig, and they just hang there out in the open. Even with the cable-ported rack ears and 90 degree cables, running those cables to the front of the unit looks cumbersome and awkward. If the input jacks were on the back, this would not be an issue. Power switch: Putting the power switch on the front of the unit would allow proper power on-off ordering. The poweramp is supposed to be the last thing on and the first thing off in your rig to avoid pops. Currently if the unit is racked, you can't do that. The Powerstage is forced to be the last thing off and the first thing on because the power switch is inaccessible. The power switch needs to be on the front of the unit. The Powerstage is an incredible product and could easily be best-in-class at what it does, but these small usability issues are basically the only things keeping this amp from being a no-brainer purchase for anyone with a modeler and guitar cab.

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Arturo Vargas (Research Associate)

+1 to this!!! It's absolutely problematic to reach for the Power Stage's switch from behind the rack while sorting your way out between the cables. I have experienced this inconvenience while doing some tech work for a friend, and really left me a sour taste about considering this for my Axe Fx III rig. If SD implements this simple but MAJOR improvement for the next generation of Power Stage 700, sure thing I will buy it.

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