Dual Liberator 250k/500k for HSH or HSS

I always read that single coils sound better with 250k volume pots and HBs sound better with 500k volume pots. A liberator with both pots tied to a single knob would allow me to wire the 250k for the single and the 500k for the HB and controlling the volume of both with a single knob, I like that as a strat player and I love HSH and HSS. Maybe you can add a few more ports instead of the spare ground plates, I only use 1 or 2.

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Robert Johnston (Principal Researcher)

Pots with adjustable settings: 250k and 500k, switchable on the fly as desired. Treble bleed on the volume automatically. Clip-tie pots instead of using solder. Let's retire soldering on guitars!

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