Switchable Blackout Modular Preamp

The current Blackout Modular Preamp is an amazing piece of equipment but it makes a lot more sense to have it switchable by default. The tonal options and musical applications of a switchable BMP would be nearly endless.

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toby carter (Research Associate)

this is a total no-brainer. you need to get a big, complex switch to be able to manually wire in a bypass for bomps. a unit that had it built in would make this a very appealing upgrade, not either active or passive, but whatever you feel like at a given time. marvellous. especially if you could control it from a push/pull so there are no other mods required.

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The Warren Haynes model Les Paul has a switchable buffer which is very cool. When the buffer is off, you lose a little high end as you roll off the volume as usual which can be great but there are also times where you don't want that to happen. Switching on the buffer solves that issue so the tone is consistent across the whole taper. I wonder if the BMP could be used in a similar fashion by making the preamp boost adjustable. That way you could have just a no boost buffer or a preset switchable boost.

posted 727 day(s) 3 hour(s) ago..