Triple-Shot Solution for Strats

Some way to install Triple Shots technology into a Strat with a standard top-routed pickguard. This could either be special rings that mount to the top of the guard, a template for punching holes in the guard for the switches, a relocation of the triple shot boards and switches so they fit in the control cavity, or pre-made pickguards themselves. Heck, call it the Everything Axe Set 2.0, and make it H-S-H with two P-rails and a cool rail in between.

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Larry LJ Pitre (Senior Researcher)

This would be a great idea; however, then any user would have to modify (drill, carve, or route) his Stratocaster to handle the Strat-3X switches.

posted 2287 day(s) 20 hour(s) ago..

Javier Aldan (Senior Researcher)

I think HH and HSH can benefit from this. I want this for my Charvel SoCal that already has Duncans.

posted 2287 day(s) 20 hour(s) ago..