stacked EQ pots for Guitar

Why don't guitars have the option for Bass/Mids/Highs knobs that some basses have. I've only seen these on Acoustics and Bass guitars and personally I never thought anything of them until I got a Bass with them and suddenly my other Basses were virtually obsolete... especially trying to dial in a specific tone for certain songs. At first I pictured a lot of extra knobs on my guitar and kinda cringed but these could even be hidden in a variety of ways. You could install push/pull pots where the existing knobs are or just stacked pots. You could keep them small and hidden in the cavity where the wiring is. I use active pickups almost exclusively and something that would let me rethink the preamp settings, even just to add more versatility and some tweaking flexibility would be pretty high up on my list. Even just an EQ sweep and a 10-15 dB boost/cut would, in theory, be useful.

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Phil Webb (Senior Researcher)


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Seth FIsher (Research Associate)

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