Onboard Midi controller based on guitar wiring

Create device that can be either screwed or glued on the guitar pick guard to easily change between patches and send a midi program change message to what ever you may have: A multi loop switching system for example. It could have the option to be wired to the guitar pickup selector and work in "auto" mode, for example to change between a "rhythm" patch when in the neck pickup and "lead" patch when in the bridge pickup. Push/pull and mini toggles can be used too.

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Martin Randle (Principal Researcher)

This has merit. Also the ability to construct complex wiring with in the guitar and save as patches. Eg. On a strat type guitar pos 1 could be bridge and neck wired as in series. Pos 2 bridge and middle out of phase 3 neck but with tone rolled off etc. Make it Bluetooth and use your phone to store and swap patches. Basically each coil is wired into a cpu which allows you to contol the volume tone routing and phase.

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